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Product Summary


The WIDEX BEYOND is a made for iPhone hearing aid based on the Widex U-platform. Widex PURE-LINK, a customized 2.4 GHz wireless input handling system, allows for direct streaming of audio as well as direct control from smartphones and tablets.

More connected than any other hearing aid, WIDEX BEYOND Tri-Link Technology provides multi-connectivity to the wearer’s iPhone, t-coil and our full range of DEX communication devices.

Uses a size 312 battery.

Protection class IP68

Suggested fitting range: Minimal to severe hearing loss

  • 15 processing channels
  • High-frequency boost
  • Programmable Push Button (i.e. preference Control, program shift or a combination of the two)
  • Wind noise attenuation
  • Focus Mode
  • Digital Pinna
  • Soft-level noise reduction
  • TruSound Softener
  • Unique Real Time InterEar Speech Enhancer
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sound Class Technology – 9 InterEar sound classes
  • 15 Channel HD Locator
  • 5 Programs
  • InterEar Zen
  • Audibility Extender
  • InterEar Variable Speed Compression
  • Wireless connectivity: CALL-DEX, TV-DEX, COM DEX, UNI DEX, RC-DEX, FM+ DEX, PHONE DEX

Beyond Z rechargeable hearing aids*

  • Silver zinc rechargeable battery technology combined with Beyond low power consumption delivers a full day of usage on a single charge
  • ZPower Battery charge – 2-4 hour average charge time. Rechargeable battery life of approximately 1 year
  • Disposable #312 batteries can be used in Beyond Z hearing aids
  • Same hearing aid features, function and specifications as existing Beyond hearing aids. NOTE: not compatible with Widex CROS
  • Compatible with DEX accessories: CALL-DEX, TV-DEX, COM DEX, UNI DEX, RC-DEX, FM+ DEX, PHONE DEX
  • Retrofit order option available for existing Beyond hearing aids